Dundee ‘Access to Nursing’ Students Explore Mental Health Film

Dundee ‘Access to Nursing’ Students Explore Mental Health Film

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A group of Dundee and Angus College nursing students took part in a national mental health roadshow this week (Monday 5 November 2018).

As part of the ‘Foolish Optimism’ roadshow, students from the ‘Access to Nursing’ course watched the short film which was launched in Dundee last month, and discussed the importance of mental health and its role in their future careers.  The students are hoping to begin their nursing training in 2019/20, with some following the adult nursing route and others entering the mental health nurse training course at either the University of Dundee or Abertay.

The college event was one of a number of workshops currently taking place throughout Scotland, following the release of the film which premiered at The Steps Theartre in Dundee on World Mental Health Day, Wednesday 10 October 2018.

Following the event, Beth Hardie , Lecturer in Health and Social Care said, “’Listening to these stories told with reflection and insight definitely helped this group of nursing students just starting out on their career path, by supporting them to connect theory to reality. The growing incidences of poor mental health amongst young people will be something that, whatever nursing path they choose, they will inevitably touch the lives of those affected, as either patients or as the family of the patients they are caring for. As the merger of the health and social care agenda continues to unfold, we will all need to develop an awareness and understanding of these issues across all caring services.”

One of the students who took part in yesterday’s event was Hannah Watson, who is also on the Foolish Optimism working party and involved in Kindred Clothing, another Front Lounge project.  Hannah said, “I was really keen for my fellow students to watch the film and hear a bit more about the project.  As the next generation of nurses, it’s crucial that we are as knowledgeable about mental health as we can be, and for us to learn how to talk to a whole range of patients, regardless of why they’re in our care, as well as our peers and families.  I think the film really made the students stop and think, and not to judge people who might be going through their own private turmoil.”

Chika Inatimi, Front Lounge Project Leader added, “The whole purpose of the Foolish Optimism film and roadshow is to encourage debate about mental health, whoever you are and whatever challenges you face. Given that nursing is primarily about caring for each other, this group of young nursing students were an obvious group for us to engage with.  After all, there’s more to caring than the physical, it’s about mental and emotional wellbeing too. We hope that the film and event not only got them thinking about the way they approach people with mental health issues, but might inspire some of them to enter mental health nursing in the future.”

Foolish Optimism was made possible by funding from the Year of Young People National Lottery Fund and Life Changes Trust.

Useful Services

Samaritans offer a free listening service for anyone who is struggling to cope. There is no age restriction, and you don't have to give them any personal details if you don't want to. You can call them free in the UK on 116 123.

Mindfulness is a useful technique for dealing with anxiety in your day-to-day life. It helps you to stay present in the moment and not retreat into your own mind, where anxiety can take over. Find out more about mindfulness from Mindfulness Scotland.

Habitica is an app which can help you keep on top of your day-to-day responsibilities. By setting and completing small tasks, you can unlock rewards, upgrades and even pets! Mental health challenges can often impact your daily routine, and having a rewarding way of keeping track of your successes can be very helpful.

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