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Dundee ‘Access to Nursing’ Students Explore Mental Health Film

05 November 2018
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Warm thanks to Grainger PR for the following press release. A group of Dundee and Angus College nursing students took part in a national mental health roadshow this week (Monday 5 November 2018). As part of the ‘Foolish Optimism’ roadshow, students from the ‘Access to Nursing’ course watched the short film which was launched in Dundee last month, and discussed the importance of mental health and its role in their future careers.  The students are hoping to begin their nursing […]

4 Job Hunting Tips for Young People with BPD

10 October 2018
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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a personality disorder that affects your mood, and the way you interact with people. Poor understanding of BPD in the community can lead to misunderstandings which affect your personal and professional relationships. We talked to our friends with BPD to come up with some tips to help you set yourself up for success in your professional life. Be Realistic When you are looking for work, it’s important to be realistic about the type of work you can […]

Press Release: Foolish Optimism Launch

10 October 2018

Our warm thanks to Grainger PR for the following press release. A mental health film and national roadshow were launched in Dundee today (Wednesday 10 October 2018), coinciding with World Mental Health Day. As part of the Year of Young People 2018, ‘Foolish Optimism’, which aims to raise awareness of mental health, remind Scotland’s young people that they are not alone, and act as a catalyst for national change, was unveiled at the city’s Steps Theatre. The audience of around […]

Tackling the Downward Spiral

08 October 2018
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Many mental health issues can cause you to fall behind in work, education, and other responsibilities. This can feel like a ‘downward spiral’, where the problems caused by falling behind make you feel worse. This is a common feeling, and there are many different ways to tackle it. Different approaches work well for different people. Other people may give you advice which does not work for you, but that’s OK – it just means a different approach might work better […]

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